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BL24650 (Manual & Automatic)

Manual / Automatic Single Chamber Blast Machines

The machine is a contractor’s machine finished in blue hammerite. The machine is capable of operating continuously at a maximum working pressure of 150 PSI. The machine has been hydraulically pressure tested to 300 PSI. This machine comes complete with test certificate. The machine which optimises abrasive consumption/capacity and ease of handling and increases production rate. Simple effective fail safe remote control system, rugged construction long life fabrication, full bore valves and pipework, extra large inspection port, universal abrasive metering valve.

Abrasive capacity - expendable, abrasive capacity for mineral slag 300 kgs., Nett weight of machine fitted with a remote control system 180 kgs. Height of machine 53 inches. Diameter of machine 24 inches. Air pipe size 1¼ inch, air connection size 1½ inch BSP. Approximate rate of production 14 to 20 square meters per hour.

The 24650 automatic machine complete with remote control dead man system, abrasive matering valve, moisture seperator, nozzle, helmet, helmet air fitter, 20M Twinline control hose, 1¼”x20 M Blast hose with coupling + nozzle holder, 20 M breathing air holder hose, and the pairs leather gloves.

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