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Blastline India manufactures a complete range of uniquely designed spray booth for a wide range of applications. Our spray booth are known for its highest quality, reliability and performance. We are committed to the design and manufacture of innovative products for the finishing industries. The spray booth is suitable for all type of airless and electrostatic painting. The system comprises of  spray booth enclosure, filter media for paint trap, air exhaust system comprises of airflow cartridge fan, paint filter paper and ducting systems to keep the exhaust air clean and free from paint  contamination.


Blastline has developed easy build range of spraybooths that have been designed for easy assembly, with option to self build, saving the installation costs.
At Blastline we have recognized that business is increasingly competitive and trying to find save is equally hard. We recognize that the solution to find savings is not to choose an inferior spraybooth in order to reduce initial price risking costly unreliability. The right solution is to install specify Blastline Spray Booths and optimize performance in terms of both reliability and reduce long term production costs. So that is where Blastline India easybuild spray booth comes in. By following the detailed assembly drawings which accompany easybuild spray booth package, you can save a large portion or reduce installation costs, considerably by assembling yourself with blastline technical help. All you need ton do is employ a local contractor to undertake ducting work either through the roof or wall, or if you are able to do yourself. Should you wish to have spraybooths installed by blastline, we will be more than happy to help.The easybuild spray booths from blastline gives you the best quality spray booth at the most economic price.


We offer Airflow range of high quality filters, including industry standard and high efficiency concertina paper type and open weave (soil and strip) media. Some of the major advantages of our filters are:
  •    Lasts 3-5 times longer than other thanother filters.
  •    Up to 98% filtration for filter paper
  •    Stapled and glued construction for extra strength and longer life
  •    High loading capacity- longer working life-low pressure drop
  •    Expansion strapping ensures optimum performance
  •    Concertina design reduces storage and transport costs
  •    Self-supporting high grade power
  •    Reduces running cost i.e. less energy, filter changes and disposal costs  
  •    Filters can be used for any liquid overspray in general finishing industry 


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