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Blastline  has years of experience in surface preparation technology and to further improve our ability to deliver turnkey solutions, has created Abrasive blast room design with required specification volunteered to provide a clean environment for media blast operation. Each blast room is custom designed to meet a safe and efficient operation as per the job requirements covering small parts to heavy industrial products.

The turnkey system design comprises with closed cycle ventilation, Automatic & semi-automatic Grit recovery system, Magnetic sweepers for grit collection, Dust-proof fluorescent light fittings, Rubber lined work space.  The design is robust and weather proof for indoor and outdoor use.
Blastline Belt Conveyor Recovery System
An Abrasive blasting facility reduces blasting costs, environmental contamination by indoor blasting and ensuring recovery of abrasive  material to recycle. Efficient abrasive recovery system automates the media recovery and cleaning processes. 
Advantages :-
Blastline Belt Conveyor Recovery systems combines simple, reliable with high quality components for a system that is rigid and economical. The BlastlineBelt Conveyor Recovery system is custom built based on blast room size and comprises Recovery hoppers, Gratings, Motors for elevators, Bucket elevators, Air wash abrasive separators. 
•   Low operating cost
•   Suitable for any approved Abrasive
•   Simple mechanical system for all sizes of
    blast rooms
•   Low maintenance cost, negligible wear and  
    tear compared to screw conveyor system
•   Capable of moving a large quantity of 
    material over a long distance
•   Transports the media in a constant flow
    reduces media overflow/overload.


Blastline provides two types of Dust collector systems for small and heavy job profiles. Mono-cyclone system and Cartridge type dust collector system.
Mono-cyclone Dust collector system:
Mono-cyclone system is designed for small booths with recovery limitation from 300 cfm to 8000 cfm. Features as follows.
•   Heavy duty construction for long life and
    low maintenance
•   An economical solution to a wide range of
    dust collection problems
•   Excellent for high dust loading, high 


The Blastline Cartridge type Dust collector is built for rigid and high performance with continuous operation specially for blast application. The Blastline cartridge type dust Collector system has Reverse Jet Pulse Filter cleaning system which ensures the filter cleaning by pulsing the accumulated air with a multiple pressure and clean the cartridge at regular interval. The unit provides constant air change for visibility and engineering solution to control respiratory protection depending upon the application and blast media used. Blasting process generates varying dust levels. When the dust collector is sized appropriately to the enclosure and for the application, visibility is assured and with maximum visibility the blast operator can work safely and productively lowering labour cost. The Blastline Cartridge Type Dust Collector. Filters are fabricated from polyester media with asbestos embedded with wire mesh protection. Each cartridge has approximately 252 square feet of filter media and meaqsures 14” dia and 26” long. On permeability of 2 cfm per one square ft of filter media. The dust collector design capability range from 8000 – 56000 cfm with max possible recovery of dust and maintain clean visibility for blasting operator.


In Mono-cyclone system electrically operated blowers have inner helical baffle creates centrifugal airflow which increases separation efficiency. The airflow then forces the particles to the outer wall of the cone, where they lose velocity and drop into the collection drum. The large collection capacity airtight drums or hoppers trap wet of dry particulate extending maintenance costs. The Mono-cyclone system varies from 300-8000 cfm clean air flow depends on filter bags maximum 12 no’s with a filter area of 300 ft²/each.

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