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Cup Lock Scaffolding



With its strength and flexibility, jolly scaffolding is built to last, maing it a sound investment and
reassuringly safe and reliable in so many access and shoring applications.

Jolly Scaffolding system may be choosen over the systems because:-

* Jolly Scaffolding secures up to four components in one action. Other systems need seperate fixing actions.

* Has the flexibility to use several type of decking. Other systems may use boards, or battens, or decks, but not all of these options.

* Is designed for access and support, including a wide range of formwork beam and decking systems. Some other systems are too, but additional special horizontal components are often required.

* Is manufactured from high yield stress steel for added strength and lower weight.

* Horizontals are manufactured using forged symmetrical ledger blades. These have proved to be remarkably robust, avoiding the problem of bent or damaged wedge type fixings found in some other systems.

* Rigid node point reduces the need for ledger bracing, giving clear, uninterrupted work platforms.  


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