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Abrasive Blast Machine


Blastline offer a range of portable blasting machines able to cope with virtually all types of blasting environment. Whether on site, where the need is for manoeuverability, or in a fixed environment such as a blast room. Tried and tested throughout the world the blastline range of blast machines combines rugged efficient operation with maximum site safety.

Hydraulically tested to twice the working pressure and comes with a test certificate and a comprehensive machine manual.

A choice of automatic or manually operated machines are available along with a grit valve or flat sand valve.

Model Machine Capacity Height(mm) Diameter(mm) Description
BL1080 20 Lts 711 254

Smallest in our range, this machine  is ideal for remedial work, glass etching and general maintenance. Easily transported this machine has a blast time of approx.10-15 mins. 

BL14160 50 Lts 1061 357

With a continuous blast time of 20/25 minutes, this machine is ideal for the small to medium contract where mobility yet high production is required.

BL20300 100 Lts 1061 508

This machine is designed for the medium contractor.It has a continuous blast time of 35-40 minutes.

BL24650 200 Lts 1346 610

A robust machine for the proffessional contractor offers a continuous blast time of 45-50 minutes.Ideal for shipyards, of refinaries, gas and heavy fabrication industries.

BL24800 300 Ltrs 1575 610 The largest machine of our standard range, designed for maximum output and minimum downtime between refilling and still portable.


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